Banjotown house restoration 2007-11
Interior & Exterior changes:

While the current house owner's great grandfather (x6), Philip Livingston, was signing the Declaration of Independence the adjacent area was still vacant farm land and woods assigned to Richard Davies by William Penn. Much later this specific house was built, c.1888, shortly after a sub-division of what was then Sarah Jane Matlack's 10-acre plot and Banjotown subsequently emerged as a flourishing community. The original house was extended haphazardly in the 1900s with a series of rough additions including a cobbler's shop (which

later became a bathroom) in an enclosed porch at the rear.

The footage in the exterior video here mixes the remains of the old 19th century layout with the ongoing 21st century refurbishment. Now almost completely restored (since these videos) the new design is basically indistinguishable from the old at the front and sides, while the back reflects and complements the original structure, approximately covering the same footprint established in its early days.



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